Saturday, 13 October 2012

Forward slash t-shirt dot com

My husband gave me a couple of t-shirts which are quite thick so I thought I would make myself a long sleeved t-shirt for the colder days.

I laid a t-shirt of mine (with the sleeves tucked under) on top of the grey one, and cut around it, slightly larger to allow for seams.
I used the sleeve pattern I made for this and pieced together grey at the top, blue in the middle, and the original grey sleeves at the bottom.
For interest I sewed a strip of the blue diagonally across the front leaving the edges raw to curl naturally.  I wanted to cut through the blue to reveal the grey behind so drew straight lines of different lengths within the strip and sewed round them, and then cut along the lines.  I also sewed a couple of pieces of the blue on the inside above and below the strip and then cut through the grey to reveal the blue behind.

I did the same thing on the sleeves but with the grey showing through the blue.
After attaching the sleeves and sewing up the sides, I removed the ribbing on the neck and added a strip of blue, and another along the hem, allowing them to curl up, and this is how it ended up


And now dear reader be prepared to be amazed   (which is something I'm always saying to my family about my often quite insignificant achievements, but this is truly amazing! (well I think so))
Remember the challenge I set myself to run up a specific hill?         Wait -  no I haven't done that, so don't applaud yet!

No, what I have done, is....   (drum roll please)  .........

jogged for twenty minutes without stopping!!!

I know, I can't believe it either!

I thought the Couch-to-5K running plan must be wrong when it expected me to jog for 20 minutes non-stop when the session before was two eight minutes with a three minute walk in between, but I did it!    I've still got another four weeks of the plan until I can hopefully do 30 minutes non-stop, when I will attempt my hill run.

As good as this milestone feels though, I'm not enjoying it at all and once I've got fit enough to run up that hill, I'll probably go back to a brisk walk. 


  1. Another fantastic makeover! You DO amaze me!

  2. Wow I'm so impressed with your cool t-shirt makeover! Great work with you fitness plan too. I can remember when I first started running and a 15 minute run felt like a marathon but now I can run for 1 hour and feel like I could do more so I do hope you keep at it as the more fit you get the more your body will get used to it and the more you will enjoy. Really! :-)

  3. That's an AWESOME refashion!!! I love it!!! The diagonal strips look so effective.

  4. Looks fab Georgia, love the 'slashed' blue fabric on the front of the shirt..........great makeover and I'm sure you'll get loads of wear out of it.
    Congrats on your progress with jogging a great achievement.

    Claire :}

  5. Well done on the t-shirt, and the jogging! Very creative use of t-shirts!mada :)

  6. Wow , that'a a brilliant t shirt makeover !!
    And well done on the running !! I hope by the time you get to the end of the programme to may enjoy it a bit more and keep going :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. Totally brilliant! Love the colour combination. x

  8. LBM - I love your new blue and grey T shirt. Well done on your jogging - the only time I jogged for 20 minutes was when my O/H had a hospital appointment and the car broke down just as we got to the edge of the village. I had to hotfoot it back to the house to get the other old banger so that he could make his appt in time. Achey limbs didn't even come into it, but we made it. Oh the joys of getting fit.

  9. That shirt is just fantastic. I LOVE it. And big congrats on the 20 mins. You'll be doing 5K in no time!

  10. PS We've been using the Zombies, Run! app now that we finished our Get Running one. I have to say, I love it. :)

  11. the t-shirt is fab! So original

  12. That's a fabulous t-shirt makeover!! You've taken 2 shirts and made something 10 times better.
    Teresa x

  13. well done with the tea shirt revamp and the 20 minutes jog! I guess the tee shirt will be too warm to wear for the jogging? xxx

  14. Your shirt turned out really well it looks great, well done on the jog I have started to walk each morning again after a lot of trouble with my feet.