Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What a difference a dye makes

I've got a pink coat with a white flower pattern which I always loved until I saw someone else wearing the same coat!
One of the reasons I like to refashion clothing is because I don't want to be wearing the same as everyone else, so I decided to dye it.  
I'd also got a lemon coloured linen shift dress which I bought for 50p in a charity shop but it was too pale for me, so I thought a blue dye would do for both, producing a purple coat and green dress.  I bought a Dylon machine dye and also threw in a deep pink t-shirt and a white t-shirt of my son's which had a mud stain on the back which I have never been able to get out.

Here's a before picture

and after

I'm really pleased with how they've all turned out, some with unexpected results.
The lining of the coat and the buttonholes didn't dye, and I think the pink looks great with the purple and blue

The buttons are white so I'm going to change them for pink, purple or blue or maybe even paint them because would you believe out of all those buttons I've got, I haven't got any big enough?

The dress turned out blue, perhaps because it was such a pale yellow, but the embroidery around the bottom, which wasn't really noticeable before, didn't take the dye so now shows up yellow.

The stain on my son's t-shirt doesn't show now and the pink t-shirt is now purple with blue edging.

Another bonus of dyeing the coat is that the colour before was really Spring/Summer but as it's quite warm I can now wear it all year round.


  1. Good thinking, I'm a real scaredy cat when it comes to dyeing fabric! Ada :)

  2. You have made me want to do some dyeing - it turned out so well for you! I love the way the different materials take the dye in differing ways.

    Pomona x

  3. Wowser! The coat and the dress are especially fabulous... I want to rush out and buy some dye and attack half my wardrobe now!

  4. Hey Georgia, love the 'new' look of everything and the contrast trim on the dress is a nice touch too.
    I always hold my breath when I dye things, hoping they turn out evenly coloured....I've had some failures, hehe...

    CLaire :}

  5. All those pieces look fantastic. I've never tried Machine dye but you've persuaded me to give it a go - I love those new colours.

  6. That's so cool! I remember my Mum dyeing clothes back in the 70s. I haven't tried it but I love your results!

  7. Brilliant! Your coat looks wonderful. I really must do this with some of the unworn clothes we have here.