Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ginger coloured wild rabbit spotted in North Lincolnshire

I looked out of the window this morning and saw this ginger coloured bunny in the snow.  I've never seen one that colour before

Poor thing must have been freezing

On closer investigation I saw that it was frozen - frozen solid!

I made it by freezing coloured water in a rabbit jelly mould.  Here's a close up of it before I coloured it's eyes a bit with marker pen


  1. brilliant I wish I had time to do this. It would look so cute to have several sitting on the lawn!

  2. Did you freeze it outside? This would be a great school activity if any teaching staff are reading! :) x

    1. No I put it in the freezer. This was my second attempt. I put too much food colouring in the first one and it turned out really dark so there wasn't much definition. It looked more like a pile of poo!

  3. You had me for a few seconds there Georgia........

    Claire :}

  4. Lol I really believed you :D I love the foot prints you made too..

    Your photos in your last post are awesome!!! You should make some to sell Georgia... prints go well on Etsy and ebay....

    Keep warm and safe my dear. xx