Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nippers and tucks

It seems as though we've turned a corner; the days are getting longer, the rain has washed the snow away and it's warmed up slightly.  
Now the snow's gone these snowdrops in the churchyard can be seen

  and I've seen my first lambs.  Look at these nippers with their mums

Remember the Chinese style silk blouse I boughtfrom the charity shop?  This is it

As you can see it's a bit big, so I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to narrow it down.  I've made two pin tucks on either side which run all the way up the fronts, over the shoulders and down the back, effectively taking nearly an inch off each shoulder and taking the body part in by over three inches.
It's got slits at the sides with the fancy knotted buttons at the top which I didn't want to mess with so I've just taken the sides in a little bit, tapering them to the bottom; and shortened it.  I've also shortened the sleeves.  The sleeves have a band at the bottom so I shortened them above the band by making a pin tuck on the inside.
My initial intention was to make it into a V neck, but when I buttoned it up properly I thought the mandarin collar suited me, and I loved the colour next to my face, so I haven't changed it.

The colours are gorgeous, like sapphires and emeralds in the ocean

I thought I might have had the mickey taken when I wore it out the other night, but I just had a couple of people greeting me by bowing their heads with their hands together.  I was very surprised when not one, but four men complimented me on it.  Later on, one even said it again because he liked it so much!  I wouldn't have thought men would like high necks like this, but I guess I just looked so darn cute! 


  1. obviously looks good on your Georgia and the colours are gorgeous.
    Definitely more flattering after it's makeover....
    Spring mustn't be too far the Snow drops.

    Claire :}

  2. Snowdrop.....oh they are such a lovely sign of Spring. Yes the days are getting ever so slowly longer and warmer too. The sun is shining brilliantly today. Love your altered top it looks great.
    Patricia x

  3. It's so lovely to see snowdrops, makes you think of warmer days ahead. Your makeover is lovely, very nice to be impressing the fellas. :)
    Anne xx

  4. Love Snowdrops, so pretty and full of promise. Pretty top, gorgeous colours :) x

  5. Great job on the top, so worth the effort, and you are so clever. Can I just say that everytime I see a northern hemisphere posting of the subtle changes and spring creeping in, it sets me a slight panic. I'm not ready to concede to autumn yet. I don't want these halcyon days to end. When washing dries on the same day and I run around in bare feet and don't have to scurry to get dressed asap after a shower.

  6. You are so talented at altering garments and this one is wonderful.....the colour must really suit's just lovely.
    Jacquie x

  7. Snowdrops have to be the most welcome sight after a cold spell of snow. They offer such promise in an otherwise dreary landscape. We will be heading over to Mums for some on Saturday, as its Imbolc, and therefore the day to bring some in. I love how different they all are when you look at them more closely. A true miracle of nature.
    Your top is very cute, and suits you perfectly. You have a very enviable figure too xx

  8. What you do with clothes is amazing! :) x

  9. What you've done to that top doesn't come into it. It's gorgeous and looks fantastic with your jeans - what a brilliant find.

  10. Yes, spring is definitely around the corner - I've seen snowdrops and catkins but no lambs yet.
    Fabulous makeover! I often see lovely things in charity shops but bemoan the fact they are too large or me - maybe I should get them and try a makeover, like this!
    Teresa x

  11. Wow... that looks great! I like that you found ways to adjust the fit to your body without altering the main details!

  12. Cute! There are a couple of these exact tops in my local op shop (here on the other side of the world!) that I kept umming & erring over. I left them behind in the end because I wasn't sure what to do - but what you've done looks great, I may have to go back and get them!