Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tiers before bedtime

I bought this dress on ebay, and whilst I love the tiers, when I tried it on it felt a bit bare at the front

I didn't like the small metal discs on the straps either because I didn't think the bronze colour went with the grey and looked drab.

so I cut them off and have now got a nice little pile to use on something else.

Remember I bought some net from Fabworks?  It was very fine dark grey net which apparently is used for wedding veils - something I find hard to believe, unless it's for the bride of Dracula or Frankenstein!
Anyway so that there weren't too many different fabrics going on, I cut pieces of the net to cover the back bodice and straps, extending the net beyond the sides for about eight inches so that there were floaty extensions.  I cut some sleeves out and sewed them into the armholes but not joining up the seam underneath so they're open and have handkerchief edges. 

I wanted it to have movement for dancing in, and this is how it ended up

and action pictures


  1. This is so cute!!!! I love it!!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. Looks so much better congratulations on a job well done! xx

  3. What a transformation! I'm not too keen on lowish, barish necklines, but I love what you've done to this. The floaty sleeves look so much better than the little metal discs. Love the twirly skirt too.

  4. You always come up with great ideas for makeovers Georgia and this looks fab and I love, the twirlyness of it all.

    Hmmm, certain Abba song springs to mind.........Dancing Queen

    Claire :}

  5. Excellent, such a transformation

  6. Fantastic transformation of your dress, you clever lady!
    Anne xx

  7. You are one awesome upcycler lady!! Your stitching always amazes me. I love this!
    Your post heading cracked me up too :D

    Have a great week my lovely. xx

  8. Clever girl! Love the dress, it looks fab - enjoy the dancing :o)
    Rose H

  9. What a fantastic transformation, I love the 1970s vibe! x