Monday, 6 December 2010

I just can't help it

Sorry but it's more snow photos today.
I like to go for a walk every morning over the fields and along public footpaths but it was hard work in the deep snow so I've been sticking to the roads.    The snow's gone down quite a bit now though and with a keen frost last night I've had a lovely crunchy walk today.  

Look how thick the frost is on these branches

We haven't had any milk delivered for nearly a week, and here's what we got this morning

(I've only just found out that if you click on the photos they come out bigger.)


  1. Fantastic winter photo's.......I live quite close to a river and it's nearly frozen over......definately bleak mid-winter.
    florrie x

  2. Florrie, I'm not surprised at your frozen river, it's so cold.

    John, yes that's real. They were frozen solid, but it's not got above minus 7 today.

  3. Those milk bottles look fantastic :0)
    Beautiful photos again.
    Enjoy while you can:)

  4. Hello, thanks for your comment on my blog, I just LOVE your milk bottles, absolutely classic photo xox I love frost more than snow, just twinkly and sparkly and special x

  5. Truly gorgeous photos, and the milk shot is very funny! You have more snow than we do right now.