Friday, 3 December 2010

In too deep

I spent hours yesterday shovelling snow to clear the driveway  and make paths round the house.  Where it isn't cleared, the snow is now way too deep for wellies so this is my solution -

my waterproof walking boots and a couple of large toilet roll bags that have the drawstring handles in them.   I split the bottoms open and slipped them over my trousers, wrapped them round for a snug fit then tied the tops with the handles and the bottoms with some string.  Not the prettiest attire but they kept me dry!

When it was snowing heavily the other night my teenage son decided to go out and build a snowman.  It's a lot more traditional than mine as you can see -

Here's my daughter struggling to walk up the field.  She said she had to keep sitting down on the snow because it was so tiring -


  1. Oh that's a fine snowman! I always run out of energy making the head and end up with weirdly undersized noggins on my snowmen.

  2. Fantastic use of plastic toilet roll wrappers, and a very proffesional looking snowman.
    florrie x