Sunday, 12 December 2010

Cross body bag

When I wrote that title it seemed really strange and I started imagining an angry zip up bag for a dead body - but it isn't about that.

I always carry bags on my right shoulder and I thought after all these years it could do with a bit of a rest so I've made myself a cross body bag so that my left shoulder gets a turn.
I've used fabric from curtains I used to have, and lined it with the same fabric I used for my car seat covers, with an interlining of an old blanket and the base is strengthened by two strips of 3" curtain header from the curtains I got off freecycle.  It's got a zipped pocket across the middle of the interior creating two separate sections either side.   I've not done a zipped pocket before but it was really easy.  Note my design feature of a light coloured zip so that it can be easily located in the dark interior (and nothing to do with the fact that it was the only zip I had of the right size!)  I've also used a magnetic clasp for the first time and that was the only thing I bought specially so it was a very cheap bag.


  1. I have a bag similar to this -- it's a Vera Bradley. Very clever of you to create such a beauty. My, it looks cold in your neck of the woods.

  2. It's GORGEOUS.......and made from recycled fabric.........brilliant.
    florrie x

  3. Oh that's lovely!! Such a nice size too. I always find that cross body bags in the shops are always so teeny that they're of no practical use to me.

  4. suggestion for a new year resolution

  5. Ooh you've won the Day 2 prize in my 12 Days Giveaway!! Drop me a quick email with your name and address and I'll get it in the post to you asap :)


  6. Wow!! That looks fabulous:0)
    Are you going to sell them?.....
    The fabric looks beautiful...and it really goes with your coat too:0)

  7. Great bag! Looks like the perfect size and weight (which I know from experience is not easy to do!).

    Just wanted to say hi! You always leave me such lovely comments, but I can't reply as your email is private. Just wanted you to know I really appreciate them :-)