Monday, 29 November 2010

More fun in the snow

This is not actually about the snow.  I thought the real reason for this post may be a little boring but bear with me; there will be some snow pictures at the end.

So without further ado here are the seat covers I made for my husband's pickup -

Now aren't they something?
He wanted something he could whip on and off easily depending upon what clothes he was wearing (dirty work clothes or clean).  The fabric is some I bought for a large floor to ceiling bay window we used to have but after I'd got it we decided to put a pole straight across the front instead of going all round the window.  This meant I had a load left which I've made various things out of over the years including seat pad covers for dining chairs, cushions and a pump bag.
I couldn't get a very good photo, but they're fitted over the headrests.

Yesterday I also made another SatNav bag which I've put in my Folksy shop to test the water. 
This is a more deluxe version than the one I made for myself, slightly bigger,with a paisley patterned car which is pretty unisex and an inside pocket -

And as promised a couple of snow photos.
The first one is part of a small woodland we planted

And sheep with said woodland in the background


  1. I could do with those seat covers
    our car looks like a toilet!

  2. Wow, I love the seat covers and the luxe Sat Navi bag is the business! I must try to attempt one this week. Good luck, I reckon yours will be snapped up in no time. xxx

  3. Oh it's bound to sell, it's so fun. The seat covers are v. impressive too - are they tricky to make to the right shape?

  4. That little car on the bag's front is such a good "marker" for what's inside -- cute. And are those your sheep? Great seasonal pictures.

  5. I admire your sewing skills (and creativity!) My Mum was a dressmaker and because she was always sewing for me, I never did get very good at it.

    I think you have our weather. We have a rainfall warning on and it's 8C. Normally it's freezing here at this time of year.

    Love those sheepies!

  6. I love your sat nav bags! And the fabric on the seat covers looks great! And what a good idea too:)
    I still have snow envy. I know, sad aren't I LOL.
    Have a great the rest of the week.