Friday, 26 November 2010

Some you win....

I had a go at making some earmuffs out of my Freecycle fake fur but they're awful. 
I think it's because it's really long and shaggy so they are huge.  Also it looks a bit matted so I'm not keen.

You can't appreciate the full horror of them in this photo - 

I fared better this afternoon when I made a little mouse for my Folksy shop -


  1. I love the earmuffs, they're fabulous. My pussycats would love that sweet little mouse. xxx
    PS Thanks for the tute, I'll be attempting it over the weekend. x

  2. They would certainly keep your ears warm and cosy...........I've had my share of crafting disasters.........your little mouse is gorgeous.
    florrie x

  3. The mouse is adorable. My dogs would kill the earmuffs! :)

  4. Oh the mouse is so cute!

    I think the earmuffs look fab! If you're not keen though, can you chalk it up as a practice run and buy some short fake fur to try it with?