Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mmmm...... Chocolate

When I saw a chocolate pinata cake on a forum a few weeks ago it was my idea of heaven - chocolate cake topped with chocolates then covered in a chocolate dome.  What could be better?
I decided to make it for Christmas but I couldn't wait so made it for my birthday today (well tomorrow as I write this).
I sandwiched the cake with chocolate spread and cream and topped it with chocolate brazils and Maltesers.  I had to shave a bit off the sides of the cake because it came out slightly too tall to fit the chocolate dome over.   The dome was a pain as it wouldn't come out of the bowl I'd molded it in and I had the bright idea loosen it a bit with the help of a hairdryer but I ended up melting it all down!  Starting again, and running out of time I lined the bowl with cling film which worked a treat but made it wrinkly so doesn't look as spectacular as I was hoping.  I finished it off with a drizzle of melted white chocolate.

Here it is inside and out: 

It may not look as good as I hoped but it tastes great!


  1. Happy birthday! That cake looks amazing, I'm hungry. Have a lovely day. xxx

  2. What do you mean, not as good as you hoped?? It looks fantastic!! I'm especially impressed with the chocolate dome.

  3. It looks fabulously tasty, yummy, to kill for! Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate! The cake looks sooo yummy!

  4. Hello Mouse! Thanks so much for trying. I know these things can be tricky. If you like, send me your email address and I will try to write how to do it although Im no expert myself and you have probably already done what I would do! I will try though. There is a link on my blog (upper right sort of area) with my email address. Send yours to me and we will see what we can do!

  5. Thanks everyone.
    Alex, you would have been REALLY impressed if I hadn't resorted to using clingfilm because the dome would have been so incredibly smooth!