Friday, 12 November 2010

Wedding outfit

It was my niece's wedding in September.  After traipsing round the shops and not finding anything to wear at a price I was prepared to pay, I came across a dress in a charity shop that I fell in love with.  The only trouble was, it was a size too big and the hem was a little uneven. 
I took it in and as luck would have it, my daughter had a dress she didn't want in the exact same fabric as the satin trim round the neck and waist so I added a band of it to the bottom.  I also made a matching flower to put on a fascinator.  I picked up a piece of contrasting fabric cheaply in Abakhan's fabric shop which I made into a wrap along with some of the satin.

All in all I'm very happy with it, especially knowing that no one else would have the same.


  1. That is stunning! What a great job you've done. You must have been showered a compliments. xxx

  2. Thanks very much. If I'm getting dressed up I don't like to think someone may be wearing the same as me - although I'll never be brave enough to wear such stunning outfits as your's.