Sunday, 7 November 2010

Another toy cupboard

When I bought this cupboard (which again was a few pounds from an auction) I thought I would have a go at Trompe L'oeil.  As it was going to be used for the kid's toys I decided to make it look like it had glass in the doors and you could see the toys inside.  I painted the toys that the kid's had at the time.

The sun's reflecting on it a bit but you get the idea.  On one side I painted it to look like a picture my son did was pinned up and also my daughter's swimming medal, but I haven't got a photo of that.

This was a few years ago and we've moved since then but I couldn't get rid of either of the cupboards so they're being useful in the garage.

The clock on the wall above the cupboard I made from a tin plate painted in barge style but colours to go with the room.

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