Saturday, 27 November 2010

Who can resist making a snowman?

Snow fell here last night and I couldn't wait to get out this morning and make a snowman before it melts.  I've sat him on a bench in the hope that it'll fool people into thinking it's a real person from a distance (and in very bad light!)

While I had the camera I went looking for footprints to see what visitors we've had. 
A few of the many rabbit trails -

Fox with rabbit but presumably they weren't there at the same time!

Spaghetti the cat  plus car track from my husband going to work -

We've some sheep staying with us at the moment and these are their tracks -

Luckily the grass is still quite long so there's still some above the snow for them to eat.

Don't these leaves look lovely on the snow?


  1. Love your sheep photos! And you have more snow than we do right now. :)

  2. nicely done!
    can you make a video next time so I can hear your accent????

  3. Wonderful photos and that seated snowman is brilliant! xxx

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a tag to your blog :0)
    What a fantastic snowman! I love him:)
    Your leaf photos are fab... Have you thought about printing them out as crafting papers?
    Love your mice too. They're really sweet.
    Enjoy the snow!
    Kind regards,

  5. Oh what gorgeous photos. Very informative too - I am terrible at telling animal tracks. I can guess cat though!