Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sat Nav bag

Our Sat Nav is not used very often and languishes in a drawer inside a plastic bag which is pretty ripped.  
Today I made it a cosy little drawstring bag using some of the fabric from my Freecycle stash.   The two rolls that I thought may be fusible whatsit, was indeed.  It's like Wundaweb for hems but really narrow and I put it to good use to keep  the applique still while I sewed it.  A bit fiddly with it being so narrow but it was free and it did the job so what more can you ask for?  It'll be ideal for narrow ribbon on future projects.
The car looks like it's on water instead of a road but I got a big card of the lilac ricrac at a car boot sale and I love it!

I used this tutorial .


  1. That's such a great idea! I'm definately going to try making one myself, if that's okay with you. xxx

  2. I love your sat nav cosy, such a simple idea, and the applique on the front is so cool, and mostly made from free or recycled materials........I'm impressed.
    florrie x

  3. It definitely looks like a road. And the car fabric is amazing! What a cute make.

  4. Vix, of course it's OK, I've now added a link in the post for the tutorial I used.
    If you use it, you can learn from my mistake as I've made it quite a few times now in various sizes but nearly always have a problem when it comes to threading the cord or tape through and say "Next time I'll..." but always forget until it's too late.
    Before you turn the bag right side out press the side seams open in the area where the casing for the cord will be and it will make it a lot easier for threading.

    Thanks Florrie. Yes it's pretty much all free or recycled. The thread I already had and the felt for the wheels was new but I 'borrowed' it from my daughter. The ric rac from the car boot is actually vintage rayon and it's lined with the some of the green and yellow checked curtain I got off Freecycle.

    Alex, I'm glad you think it looks like a road. If not I thought it could serve as a warning not to rely on the Sat Nav as it could send you off a harbour or into a river!

  5. If you lived closer I would have bought one of these!!!

  6. John, it can always be posted if you really want one!

  7. This is gorgeous what a great idea!
    Heather x