Thursday, 4 November 2010

Patchwork glasses case

I fancied having a go at making something with a spring opening using a metal tape measure, and came up with this glasses case using scraps from my dressmaking:

I made it the same way as the drawstring bag but I put some padding in for protection.

I'm a bit mad with myself about the tape measure because I was looking for a cheap one to use and found one for 79p in B & M Bargains which I think is pretty good for a five metre tape but thought it was a bit wide for this project so I decided to use a small one that I keep in my handbag for when I'm shopping.  Now I've gone and and mutilated it I've realised I'm not going to get one as small as that nowadays and I don't want to be carrying a great big one around all the time.  I've put a sewing tape in but of course that's a lot shorter and it's not much good for measuring large things if I'm on my own because it's too floppy.
Look at the difference between my old tape and a newer one:

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