Friday, 10 December 2010

Wreath step by step

I wanted a natural wreath to go on a family grave so I went foraging and came back with these

I used Dogwood to make the ring but you can use anything flexible and fairly straight such as Hazel or Willow.  Take one piece and form it into a circle the size you want, wrapping it round as you go.  Add more pieces until you have something like this -

 It's best if it's not too tight so that you have places to push your other bits in.

I then added Eucalyptus, working my way round and weaving it into the base, keeping it in one direction.

Next I added some sort of conifer along the outside edge but I don't know what kind

and finished off with some other kind of conifer which had fir cones on it and some Ivy berries

You can of course use what ever  evergreen foliage you've got - Holly would be nice, but a little hard on the fingers


  1. How pretty:) The colours and textures look lovely. And making it to go on a family grave makes it extra special :0)
    Have a great weekend.
    Donna x

  2. Oh thats lovely! I have nearly all these to hand, so will try this tomorrow, thankyou!

  3. Would also make a lovely x-mas wreath.
    Might go looking about for something similar over the weekend.

  4. Hello Little Blue Mouse. Your wreath is beautiful! Just had a catch up with you and can't believe that snow! Gorgeous photos. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  5. Oh that's beautiful. We bought one to go on the family grave this year but I'll try and remember this for next year as it would be lovely to handmake it.

  6. Gorgeous wreath!! Thank you for the step by step.

  7. wow! your wreath is fab! I love how rustic and natural it is,it will look amazing hung up. I made one a few weeks ago using pinecones and cinnemon, and everyone comments on it :)