Friday, 17 June 2011

All is not lost

We had half a dozen Eucalyptus trees seen off by the bad weather last winter, so a friend came round a few weeks ago with his chain saw to cut them into logs (the remaining twiggy branches were in the trailer in my last post).

When I went back the other day look what I found

I had hoped they might sprout from the the top but I don't think that's going to happen because the trunk really is dead  (the bark's hanging off) but we'll get a few more logs out of them!

Another casualty of the winter was this Bay

Look at it now

Here's a couple of four leafed clovers I found the other day

Too late to ward off a bit of bad luck.  The Bobbing for Apples shop is closing down!  I hadn't even made any sales.  Oh well, easy come, easy go.


  1. Amazing how things can survive.
    We've just transplated a cherry tree from the Mr's parents garden and I'm really hoping it lives. Not looking too great at the moment. Hopefully the rain will help.

  2. Oh, that's great news for you. I love spotting green shoots, so optimistic and hopeful. xxx

  3. They look so cool, those little sprouts shooting up round that big trunk.
    I think they re-grow like that because in Australia, when there are bush fires, that's how all the greenery re-generates and manages to re-grow. Nature thinks of everything!

    Pass about the bay tree though, as I don't know where they come from LOL :o)

    You lucky lady finding a four leaf!
    Pick it and press it and keep it with you always :o)

    have a fabulous weekend my lovely. xx

  4. It's wonderful to see the new shoots coming up from trees that looked dead

  5. It's so encouraging to see new growth, just when you think it's all gone toes up. What a shame 'Bobbing for Apples' is having to close. the things you create are lovely LBM - perhaps something new will grow for you too!

  6. Lovely pictures, especially the one of the eucalyptus new growth. Happy spring!

  7. I enjoy seeing "determined plants" that just seem to hang on no matter what! And you MUST be a lucky girl...TWO four-leafed clovers!

  8. Donna, I have pressed four leaf clovers in the past but I've just left them in the books, I've not thought of keeping one with me. I really just like to find them.
    Deb, if you ever find a four leafed clover there's usually others on the same plant. That was a bit of a straggly plant with just a couple of normal ones, two four leafed and a six leaf, but I've seen patches with loads of four, five and six leaves.

  9. You'd laugh at my Bay. It grows in a pot and spends winters indoors. The cold here would kill. Glad your bay is coming back, and your eucalyptus too (that wouldn't grow here either!) Hope the clovers bring you lots of luck.

    Love your rose campion. That I CAN (and do!) grow!

  10. Hello there!
    Thank you for visiting and leaving me such a nice comment!

  11. The regrowth is amazing. After the bushfires ravaged victoria, I was amazed at the greenery around the blackened trunks. Nature is awesome.

  12. Ain't mother nature wonderful! I had a few losses this last winter in my small garden, I am very exposed where I live here in Yorkshire and the winter gales howl down the dale and 'burn' off so much foliage my poor plants give up I think. I've had to replace my little pot grown kitchen bay, shall have to protect more things this next winter. Sorry the sales didn't happen. Best wishes.