Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blackcurrant cake

We've got a couple of blackcurrant bushes that my daughter brought all the way back from uni on the train a couple of years ago.  She went to a Ribena event where they were giving away pots of blackcurrant bushes and of course she couldn't miss a giveaway.   This year they've done quite well and yesterday I picked some to make a blackcurrant cake.

It was delicious.

I also had a go at a recipe I wrote down years and years ago and have never tried.  It's called Cheddar Sunset Loaf

It's pretty tasty as there's onion in and then sandwiched in the middle is a layer of sliced tomatoes and cheese so it's like a cooked sandwich!  You can have it spread with butter but I didn't bother on my slices.  The only complaint I've got is that when it was sliced the top and bottom came apart but I think that could be remedied.  
(for anyone reading this later, I've put the recipes for these in the next post)

I've had another mysterious plant growing in the garden and it's turned out to be Borage which I'm pleased about as the flowers are so pretty

As I was googling about it I found a recipe for Borage lemonade so I've just quickly made some


  1. I think it looks pretty in salad, too - I also put marigold and heartsease petals in salad - it makes it more interesting!

    Pomona x

  2. Goodness, your food looks delicious!
    What a scrummy Sunday treat! Was your lemonade nice too?
    It's the most gorgeous colour, and looks so refreshing Georgia!
    All this looks like it would be great to take on a picnic.
    Borage flowers are so pretty aren't they? I've never heard of Borage lemonade though, so i'm off to look it up!
    A lovely blackcurrant harvest too :o)

    Have a great week LBM, take care.

  3. The black currant cake looks delicious. Would love the recipe and the cheddar sunset loaf too. I've got borage in my garden - the flowers are so pretty. The lemonade looks cool!

  4. That cake looks amazing! I made a yum blackberry crumb cake last year after going berrying but I don't think I've tried cooking with blackcurrants.

  5. Oh must've been the day for cooking.................. your cake and loaf look delish. I made a lemon drizzle cake and a chicken and veg pie.

    Borage lemonade sounds interesting. I've always wanted to grow Borage maybe this Summer, just love those beautiful blue flowers.

    Claire :}:

  6. Everytime I see Borage I hear in my head "Borage is for Courage" I don't know where I know this from but it is almost like a past life thing.
    The Cheddar cake looks really good and interesting. Great lunchbox food I'm thinking.

  7. Oh yummy, that black currant cake looks delicious.
    Anne xx

  8. The Blackcurrant cake looks delicious, shame im on a diet

  9. I see so many commenters beat me to asking for the recipe for the blackcurrent cake recipe - it looks divine!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  10. Lucky you, I think the blackbirds have nabbed all my blackcurrants - looks so good!!

  11. Oh my, both the cake and the loaf look delicious! The borage flowers really are such a pretty color!

  12. That cheese/onion/tomato bread looks so good, as does the cake!

    And I love borage. I grow white and blue borage, and honeybees and bumblebees love it too. Some people sell borage honey!

  13. That cake looks mighty fine, and I agree with everyone else, you simply have to post the recipe, I have lots of blackcurrants screaming out for a lovely cakey blanket to be wrapped in!

  14. the black currant cake looks absolutely delicious. And how pretty are the borage flowers, I saw lots of them in Greece this spring but have not seen them growing in the UK