Sunday, 12 June 2011

Camera case(s) and a win!

My daughter has got a new camera and has given her old one to me.  It's compact so is ideal for having in my pocket or bag whilst out and about in case of any photo opportunities.  I've made this case for it

"What a great fit" I hear you say, and indeed it is.

Because this was my first attempt
note the camera's inability to get more than a corner inside.  I forgot to add a seam allowance, but the good news is that a mobile fits in very nicely!
I used this tutorial, which is actually for a mobile phone but I used my own (incorrect) measurements.

And now onto my win.
Artfully Caroline had not one, but five giveaways a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to win one of them!
Here are my goodies; a hand made brooch, and 'Blogging for Bliss' by Tara Frey  - watch out, there may be changes round here!


  1. That book looks an interesting litle read and the case is perfect, what a snazzy camera. xxx

  2. LBM - not only is the camera case a great fit, it's so pretty too! I find the ones you buy in the shops are so bulky and not very attractive. I like to carry my camera out and about with me too!

  3. I love your camera case! And it's very pretty fabric too!
    I'm pleased it's not just me that likes to have a couple of 'goes' at making things before we decide on the 'right' one ;o)

    I have enterd I don't know how many blog giveaways, and have never one anything, so I thinkyou were a very lucky lady. It's a fab brooch, those beads must have taken ages to sew on, and that book looks fabulous! I'm gonna have a look for that in the library :o)

    Have a great week Georgia. Take care,
    Donna xx

  4. Love the cases! Maybe the small one could be an iPod case for someone. :) THe book looks great.

  5. Hey Georgia, my first attempts at things usually need tweaking of some sort........

    Your mobile and camera cases look great. I think I need to make a nice soft bag for my camera too, wish I had thought of it before my holiday...........

    Congrats on your win, the book looks very interesting and I love the colour of the brooch, very sweet............

    Claire :}