Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cheap frills

My mother in law gave me a duvet cover and pillow cases which are very 1980s - peach colours and a pleated frill all the way round the edge!  Any suggestions what I can make using the frill?  This is just a bit from a pillow case

So far I've made a couple of brooches
and I was thinking it might be good for a frilly pinny but I'm not sure.

From the actual fabric I've made a cute little drawstring bag with lace and buttons on

I'm putting one of the brooches in my Folksy shop but guess where the other one is destined for?
The Bobbing for Apples shop!   I called round with some of my wares to see if they might want to stock anything, and the owner liked my brooches.  She said if I take some in she'll see how they go.  

I've also been making some card holders in a variety of colours,  I thought they might make nice presents


  1. Oh that's exciting news! The one on the top left is gorgeous - love the two florals with the check fabric.

  2. Those card holders are gorgeous. My favourite is the blue spotty one with the paisley fabric. I love paisley designs.
    Anne xx

  3. Those card holders are so pretty! Good luck. xxx

  4. I love your card holders - and I had thought frill on a frock, but maybe frill on a pinny is wiser!

    Pomona x

  5. How exciting is that, to have your wonderful makes stocked in a shop, well done.

    Your credit card holders are great, love all the fabric choices.

    Your frilly brooches are a great way to recycle that pillow case frill but a frilly pinny would be great too.

    The frill reminds me of Australian Frilled Neck Lizards. They puff up the frill around their neck as a defence mechanism..............

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  6. I love your creations! I'm sure they will sell out in no time, and she'll need more for the shop.

  7. I find that I am really "into "frills at the moment, can't explain it! Have a brilliant weekend and thanks for your lovely comments,

    Sarah x

  8. Go on give the frilly pinny a go. What have you got to lose!
    Nope I didn't have any specialist equiptment for my cards and although they are ok they could be better if I did have some better equiptment.
    Good luck with selling in the shop. Hope they don't take too much commission.

  9. Just found your, love the photos of all the things you have made.