Saturday, 28 May 2011

May Photo Scavenger Hunt

                                                                    Feel free to join in ...

I found some of these quite difficult, but here are my offerings for May:

A butterfly

A bicycle
This is from an exhibition by Johnny White and is called 'Lifecycle of a mosquito'.  If you press the lever on the floor, the mosquito actually pedals the bike.

A red door

A cartoon character
A Smurf

An emergency vehicle
I took this photo last year, but I couldn't resist using it because this Police car looks so cute having to carry that great big sign on top!

Think vintage
This teddy belonged to my eldest brother so must be getting on for 60 years old and the patchwork is one I started about 30 years ago but haven't finished (yet).

Something blue

A street light

A bird's nest that had blown out of the trees

A sign of the Zodiac
A sign of Taurus the bull!

An interesting local building
I live in an area called the Isle of Axholme which in the early 17th Century was drained by Cornelius Vermuyden.  There are several buildings of Dutch influence and this house was built in 1689.

A portrait in black and white

The monthly list of things to find and other people's interpretations can be found on Postcards from the P.P.


  1. Hi , love your pictures . That mosquito on a bike is amazing ....will take some beating .You patchwork is lovely . I have some hexagons started about the same time :0)
    I've not finished my list yet , better get it sorted .
    Jacquie x

  2. These are fantastic photos. I really enjoyed looking at them.
    Anne xx

  3. Wonderful photos! Don't know that I'm actually gong to make it this time, so you may have just inspired me to push forward!

  4. Wonderful photos! I like the mosquito on the bicycle and the texture of the nest; I had to improvise on the butterfly one as I haven't seen any live ones in the garden since April. We used to live in Lincolnshire further south in Spalding so the name of Vermuyden and the dutch influence buildings are very familar to me. I just have to get two more photos today hopefully:)

  5. those are really good LBM - I would love to see the mosquito pedalling away - wonderful!

  6. Coo'ee!! Thank you for popping by the ol' blog ;0)
    Fabulous finds, love the mosquito...think I was bitten by a b*gger that big last year!
    ADORE Octavia! x:)

    Arghh...parnsips disguised as chips...see they are the evil and devious geniuses of the root vegetables! I'm glad you have overcome the parsnip horror...I'm not that brave and will continue to live in mortal fear of them ;D

  7. Love your pictures - really original! And thank you for joining in my giveaway.

    Pomona x

  8. all of your pictures are great - I think I like Blue the best!

  9. Aren't people coming up with beauts for the bike photo? I think you win though - that mosquito is ace!

    I love the Dutch gables too. I have such a soft spot for them and it's not something you really find in my part of the country.

  10. these are all such wonderful photos!! i hope there weren't any baby birds inside the nest when it blew away!!

  11. I have really enjoyed your photos, especially the pedalling mosquito and the old police car. That nest looks like a very cosy home!

    I'm going to post my efforts today and then have a nosey at everyone's posts!

  12. great collection of photos,
    joy xx

  13. I love your pictures, particularly the old teddy. What a lovely old chap!

  14. what fab photos!!! I can't decide which is my favourite as I like them all!!!

  15. What wonderful photos.
    The bike one is amazing and I love the line of blue washing!
    Lisa x

  16. They are all lovely but I like the Smurf and the blue washing in particular.

  17. I'm getting ready to join this challenge for June's theme, but was just cruising around looking at the May offerings! What a fun project! I am particularly enamored by your "texture" photo! That is sooooo cool! And so full of texture. My first love in life is photography, but recently began a blog about my 2011 resolution to learn how to crochet. I'm so happy to have found this little monthly will be fun! Have a great weekend! Annette

  18. THese are all so great (and Octavia is lovely.) I love the bike with mosquito, and the very old teddy, and the police car, and the bull sign, and... everything!

  19. A super collection of photos for the May Hunt. It's so interesting seeing everyone's choices and offers a chance to see various parts of the world in the process. I got a kick out of your little police car with the big sign on top, and the gorgeous textured nest! Smurf looks like he's taking centre stage and the blue line of washing is so lovely and billowy :) Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my site as well :)

  20. Wonderful photos, I love the bike. I was a bit late with my list, must do better this month. ~c~

  21. I love the bicycle and the texture of that bird's nest! Great photos :)