Monday, 9 May 2011


Just thought I'd show you a proper photo of the blue tit from yesterday, which I managed to get today

And a short video which in my excitement I forgot how to turn off!

While I was watching it I saw a couple of bees (well I think they were bees) going in the hole as well so it may get a bit crowded in there.  Unless the bees are going to one side and the bird the other! 


  1. What a great picture, isn't he adorable? xxx

  2. Hello LBM - thank you so much for your comment on my site. I love the photos of the old Ford tractor! Feels a bit like home from home:0)That little blue tit looks very proud of her new home. Would love to see some pics of the little ones when they hatch!

  3. What a sweet litle Blue Tit. i do so love them, and the racket that they andtheir babies make when they first emerge from the nest :o)

    I'm so pleased that your chickens are all on the mend. i do hope Lotto fully recovers. I can't believe it's been three weeks you know since it happened! Doesn't time fly!

    I bet you was a bit nervous about letting them out wasn't you? I know I would be...

    have a great week Georgia, and take care.
    Donna x

  4. How gorgeous ! I have bees going into a hole by my veg patch !
    Just reading about your hens how horrible. I've been lucky so far even though there are foxes around. Breeze had a nasty run in with a neighbour's dog but recovered quickly after though less bossy than she was with Roxy

  5. Darn foxes. Poor hens. I hope all will recover. I love that little bird taking refuge in the tractor. So sweet!

  6. Oh that is too gorgeous, I love blue tits xox There is a little award waiting for you on my blog x

  7. Oh that's so cool!! Is she nesting in that hole!?