Friday, 20 May 2011

The birds and the bees

We've got quite a lot of chives in our garden and the bees love the flowers. This bee was such a little cute one

The Blue Tits nesting in the tractor must have hatched their eggs now as there's lots of toing and froing with juicy grubs and caterpillars. I tried to put a video on but Blogger wasn't having it, so here's a photo instead

This photo amused me as it looks like the bird has flown into the windscreen and smashed it, but it was actually just flying past the already broken glass!
And they say the camera never lies...

You will notice that my husband has adapted an empty drinks can to make an exhaust cover but I he's got a long way to go before he can compete with my offerings.

For years I've yearned for white irises in my garden but have never seen any in the garden centres, then last year someone offered some on Freecycle and I was lucky enough to get them! A couple of them have flowered but I'm hoping there will be a lot more next year. This is one of them

I've managed to get the video on now


  1. You take such beautiful wildlife photos. The one of the blue tit and the windscreen is fantastic.

    And chives! I always get very excited when chives start growing for some reason. Chives and rhubarb.

  2. Hello!

    Love the bird photos..I'm a huge bird freak ;->

    Thanks for visiting my little blog and I hope you come back again.

    Your white Iris is lovely. I have a whole garden filled with only tall bearded Iris...every color including white. Don't you love the heavenly aroma?

    One of the main reasons for no blooms is planting them too deep, so check that first. They like their rhizomes to be exposed and don't over water. (pardon me if you already know this).

    Have a lovely weekend,
    janet xox

  3. I love your photos - I never seem to have my camera handy when a bird stops long enough to have its picture taken!

    Pomona x

  4. I love your blue tit photo. There's a veritable swarm of bees on our chives and comfrey. I don't think there's a bee shortage, they all live here. xxx

  5. The little blue tit looks quite the proud mum! It does look as if she's shattered the windscreen - great shot! I like your farmer's innovative exhaust but oh I love your white iris - they're gorgeous!

  6. Great photo of the bee amongst the Chives and the white Iris is delightful it reminds me of one of Monet's paintings.........

    Yes, your'e right hubby's exhaust cover on the tractor isn't nearly as creative as yours. Perhaps you could whip him up one of the starburst designs. Would love to see the look on his face when he discovered it, hehehe.....

    Love the birdy video and the pic of the Blue Tit and the tractor windscreen, looks very interesting, great timing.

    Claire :}

  7. You take the most amazing photo's!
    Thankyou so much for sharing your garden and wildlife with us..since we moved here last year to our bungalow with a postage stamp garden I've really missed all the birds :(

    Yes, I agree :o) Hubbys got a long way to beat you in recycling cans lol.

    Have a great weekend georgia..I'll try and get around to posting my award this weekend, sorry it's taken so long, I do really appreciate it you know! :o)

  8. Love the fuzzy headed chive flowers and bird shots!

  9. These are terrific photos!