Monday, 23 May 2011

And sew to bed

I had a bit of luck at the charity shops the other day and picked up two lovely double duvet covers to use for sewing.  As I lay in bed that night wondering how I could utilise the popper closures on them, I had a Eureka moment!   
It's probably been done before but I've never seen it anywhere, so I'm pretty pleased with my idea; which is to make a bag incorporating one of the poppers at the top.   
I know, it's ground breaking isn't it?

I've made one out of each duvet cover

The blue one is white on the other side because that's how the cover is

Notice the delicate green lining which matches the pattern on the fabric? 
My original idea was to do a white lining so I bought a white sheet at the car boot yesterday just for the job.  I also bought a pair of bright green barkcloth prizes for guessing what happened.   Who'd have thought 50-odd year old fabric which must have been washed umpteen times, would run?  Well obviously I didn't!

It's nice fabric though and if I decide to make something with it that needs a lining, I've got just the thing!


  1. They are gorgeous, so pretty and such lovely soft colours. I love the hanger too. What dreamy pics.

  2. You are clever - they are lovely bags - and thank you for joining my giveaway.

    Pomona x

  3. Oh I love them. Simple but so effective, and what pretty fabric.

  4. Amazing how vivid the colours still are in the curtains. Good find.

  5. Great use of the poppers and I love the curtain fabric, looks brand new.

    Bags look great too, you have been busy.

    Claire :}

  6. Clever use of the duvet covers! And I love the curtains fabric. Why not make a retro skirt or dress? And thanks for having stopped by my giveaway - I love how this SMS event has helped me to discover new (to me) blogs like yours. I've signed up to follow you.

  7. Wow that baek cloth is stunning and such a great idea with the duvet covers. I buy sweet pea seedlings after a failed attempt to grow from seed last year :0)
    Jacquie x

  8. Thanks for coming over to my blog- glad you liked the crochet toadstool!
    This is a great idea for thrifted duvet covers- I've got a stash in my cupboard and now I have new ideas for them!! (I always used to cut the popper-bit off, but not any more.)
    Will be your latest follower and keep up to date with your clever ideas so that I can 'borrow' them.

  9. I think it's a super idea. I hate sewing in poppers! Yes, BOB is reverse psychology. We are doing what we can to ensure he is she!