Thursday, 15 March 2012

Good Fortune Giveaway

To spread my good fortune in getting such a bargain at the car boot sale, I'm having a giveaway!

I've used two of the zips to make a couple of lined zipped pouches

The greeny fabric is pretty plain so I've added some of the buttons as well.  It's the first time I've made a zipped pouch and I used this tutorial but I haven't quite mastered the turning out of the top corners yet!

There will be two prizes, each consisting of a pouch, these buttons
there's over two hundred and both lots will be the same as I've counted them out (have I told you that I love sorting buttons?)

and twelve zips all about 8 inches long
there's 24 in the photo so it will be a random selection of these colours.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.   Perhaps if you mention what you might make with the buttons and zips, it will give me a bit of inspiration too.

The closing date for the giveaway will be 22nd March.

Oh, and as a thank you to my regular commenters just for letting me know that I'm not talking to myself, you will automatically have an extra entry.


  1. Please, please, please!! I am attempting to collect enough buttons to make a light shade for my hallway. Its quite tricky to collect that many second hand. I wish I had your luck at car boot sales! The zips would be shared with my friend as we are both new to sewing and just starting to venture out furthur then bags and aprons! Looking forward to seeing other peoples ideas as well. Thanks Jo x

  2. I am not a seamstress, but I have several friends who are and would pass them on (after running my hands over the buttons and oohing and aahing)!

  3. Don't worry about putting me in the giveaway.

    The top corners are well known to not come out square. The only person I found who apparently told you how in a pattern only sold it in kit form in Australia. This was a couple of years ago.

    There is a way of making them that sews in the lining separately but that has it's own problems. I have noticed that some people have less problems than others. It seems that the more of the zip you have in the seam allowance (ie the nearer the zip teeth are) the more likely you are to have difficult corners - they are filled up with zip; you can trip them well but it is still an issue. Those that have the squarer corners have more of the zip showing and less bulk to get caught in the seam.That has worked for me. I've used the same tutorial as you and the stitching is very close to the zip. It isn't a turning issue like some people have with the other corners.

    Finally, a short while a go I found this.

    The corners are certainly square but the sewing is not so neat on one end which would annoy me even more I think. But as you can see it's a well known problem.

    They are no where near the easy thing to 'run up' that people might think!

  4. I found your site via Bunny Mummy and would love to take part in your giveaway. I also a follower now.

  5. oh, yes!! Please add my name to your hat, I just love buttons. I will probably make a brooch or a bracelet and want to try and make a rolled rose brooch with a zip or too. The options are endless :)

    Thank you! xxx

  6. Hello my dear,

    Just popped in to say hi, and you have a giveaway going lol :o)

    My goodness Georgia, that was some find at the bootsale! I would have squealed too, at opening those boxes :o)

    I'd love to be entered in your giveaway if that's ok. If I were lucky enough to win, I'd give some of the buttons to my girls for bracelets, hair accessories etc..and keep the rest for decoration on my makes and clothes.
    And with the zips I'd be making some roses and make up bags -square ones if I can manage it!

    Take care my dear, and keep well..
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xxx

  7. Buttons well they are in colours in different jars, I use them in my craft projects but zips....I am not confident in putting in zips so avoid any projects that involves them to be honest....maybe I'm not the right person to enter!!!

  8. Love the gorgeous pouches you've made. Buttons are so useful in loads of crafts, but I especially like to use them when making cards, if I was lucky enough to win I'd pass on the zips to my daughter who makes a lot of costumes :o)

  9. Hello again, many thanks for your comment on my blog, I love 80's music, we've all been dancing to it today! I have had a little catch up, and am wondering if you could possibly give me the recipe for those delicious looking brownies? They look delicious! I am also in total envy over that button haul, what a find! I would be in button heaven. We are all quite keen on buttons here. I like pretty ones for sewing, and my eldest daughter collects vintage and antique buttons. Buttons are just all in all great aren't they!

  10. Hey LBM a wonderful your little pouches and like you I've always been bothered by the corners a well. But, I have taken particular notice of other zip pouches I've seen on the net and am yet to see one that has neatly turned out corner. So I figured it's not my lack of sewing skill, but I think Anonymous has covered that and answered my questions too.

    What would I make with zips and buttons?.........oooh, I too, love little zip purses, pouches and bags and with the buttons? I would put them in my button tin to be admired and sorted and enjoyed until I found the right project in which to use them but I am partial to a nice button bracelet or two and being brooch weather, I'm sure I could whip up some lovely Autumn brooches as well.

    Claire :}

  11. Look at you, you clever lady having already made something gorgeous with your carboot finds.
    I love little zippered pouches, they are so usefull for so many things. I like having them in my handbag so I can find my tissues, my lipstick and lip balm easily. They are a great idea for holding sanitary items in you handbag too. Maybe some funky ones would appeal to teenage girls.
    I love decorating things with buttons. I made a drawstring bag for hold my crosstitch years ago, decorated it with a big fabric heart and then added buttons as a finishing touch. Daughter No. 2 bought some inexpensive black canvas shoes and sewed buttons all over them for decoration. She wore them to uni the other day and received lots of compliments. You could sew or crochet headbands and decorate them with buttons. Pretty up an old ugly photo frame. Just a few suggestions for you.
    Have fun! I do ramble on, sorry.
    Anne xx

  12. A giveaway, how generous of you,

    I think I would make a long handled handbag so I could wear it and carry the wee one, the zips would make lots of little pockets, one for my purse and keys, one for the little ones nappies and wipes, one for snacks, one for my phone and another for stuff (my bag always has a large amount of stuff at the bottom!) The buttons would be added for decoration, I've always hankered after one of those posh ones covered in buttons but my own tin is a little boring!

    Thanks for the great blog

  13. You had me at "buttons" ;) I have a weakness for them, and your last post made me gasp in joy! What a great bounty! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Ooo, love buttons and those are fab. Beautiful little bags too and thanks for the tutorial link.

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway - I'm having one very soon. I rather fancy making a decorative wreath incorporating the zips and buttons. xxx

  15. I would love to be entered into your blog giveaway. It looks awesome, all those beautiful buttons and zips. I make bags already so the zips would come in really handy for the pockets plus the buttons would be fab for adding extra decoration to the out sides. I love the little pouches you have made too, they look really nice and would be good to keep my earphones for my phone in so the wire doesn't keep getting tangled up in everything.

  16. That was one brilliant find! I've come over after your post on the MSE facebook forum.

    I have to be hoenst- if I won I'd probably just hoard them until the right project presented itself. :)

  17. I have been thinking of making myself a small shopper type bag or tote so I will have a look at the tutorial and see if I can 'handle' it, rofl. As I am only 4' 10 1/2" inches tall it is hard to get a bag that doesn't immediately drag on the ground as soon as the choc bars and crochet wool are inside (I'm not kidding -I am titchy!!). I may look for a croos body messenger style bag tute as well... why are handles soooooo long in the shops?
    Much love, Little Sue (yep that's what my friends call me)

  18. Free NEW zippers? Thank you. How generous of you. The buttons look good too tho' I rarely use buttons. I've never attended a car boot sale. In Singapore, such sales would not have dressmaking or bag making supplies, I assure you.

  19. Buttons are great for embellishing cards or decorating knitted or crochet items. Zips I would use for cushions or maybe bags. I would love to win such a colourful pile of buttons.

  20. So cute! =)

  21. Those pouches are TOTALLY adorable!!

  22. I'm sure you know of my love story with buttons, and my recent experiences with zippers ... and those little pushes are adorable, especially the one with the buttons of course :)

  23. Well done with your zippered pouches! I particularly like the one with the line of buttons. I love decorating things like that with buttons and that's what I would use these buttons for. I like the idea of using buttons to make pictures or a design on a pillow front.

  24. I can't believe you found all those lovely buttons at a car boot sale. I have button envy!! I have a few button projects on my Pinterest boards. One is making a button picture which I am going to attempt for Aprils Pinterest Challenge. You should join in and make something with buttons too!

  25. I love buttons :)..... I am a little scared of zips but maybe i should overcome my fear and have a look at that tutorial you mentioned.....and I love your little pouches :-)
    X x x x

  26. Love buttons! i hope i win this and make really cool stuff!

  27. Oh thanks so much for the invite, I would love to enter your giveaway.
    The brownies in your next post look way too yum, will def give the recipe a try
    Lol Karen x

  28. Hi I found your brilliant blog via attic24 and bunny mummy and would love to be entered in your draw.I also have great difficulty with zips(they frighten me to death), so having more to practice with would be great, Chanette

  29. Hi I would ove to be entered into your giveaway. I would make a picture on a canvas, a dream catcher or a door hanging.