Thursday, 8 March 2012


It's funny how things come about isn't it?
When I was out yesterday I saw a small piece of shiny curled ribbon on the ground.  It was only a short piece but it caught my eye when the sun shone on it.  I immediately thought of crisp packets and how, if cut into strips they would probably have the ability to curl.
Later on at home I was making my husband's pack-up for work.  He likes to take a KitKat chunky so I buy multi packs of them.  I got the last one out of a nine pack which is silver inside like a crisp packet and has the added advantage of being bigger and doesn't need washing.
I cut a strip off to test, and when pulled against a scissor blade it did curl nicely.
Luck would have it that I sold a bag from my Folksy shop in the evening.  I usually wrap them in tissue paper and tie round with wool, but I though I would try out the KitKat wrapper instead.  I cut narrow strips and and used three together to tie round, which gave glimpses of both the silver and red sides.  I curled the ends and then tied a few more to the knot to fill it out more and this is what it looked like

I also tried making a gift bow from the rest of the wrapper using this tutorial.

My husband has been tidying up the shed today and found a bucket of forlornness.  It was full of things I must have intended to plant in the garden and then forgotten about.  Some plants that I had dug up and also a couple of pots of hyacinths from last year that I was going to plant out after they'd finished flowering.  One pot that was underneath the other was actually flowering, bless it.  I've given them a good watering (they must have been very thirsty after all this time!) and picked some moss from the ample supply in our lawn to decorate the tops of the pots.
I had some of what I'm calling plaffia (same as plarn but instead of knitting with it, you use it like raffia) left from the bracelet I covered in my last post, so I used it to wrap round the pot with the pink flower in it.  There was only enough to go so far up, so I finished it off with a white and green bag, which I also used for the other pot.

They're probably giving a great big sigh of relief now they're out of the bucket!


  1. How DOES your mind work?!!!
    Utterly bonkers and completely fabulous idea!
    Always lovely to find neglected plants that have survived!

  2. I agree completely with Annaboo!

  3. I'm with Annaboo! You have the most incredible imagination. I bet there's nothing in your bin on the day it gets collected! x

  4. Hey don't see rubbish you see gift bows, bracelets and all sorts of wonderful things.Love that gift bow

    I'm looking forward to the next amazing creation.

    Claire :}

  5. I love that bow! What a fabulous idea.

  6. the red and silver ribbon is very clever and looks fab, I love the idea of plaffia too

  7. so glad you found them and you get some pleasure from them!
    Thank you for always popping over and leaving such lovely comments too!