Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What rubbish makes

After using the cans I found at the side of the road for my bag, I started thinking about what other empty receptacles you see discarded that I could make something out of. 
Plastic bottles, crisp packets and plastic carrier bags sprung to mind.  I didn't need to venture out for empty crisp packets as there's often one by the computer that my son's left, and I've got a drawer full of carrier bags; but I did find a plastic bottle at the side of the road.

First of all I used crisp packets to make this bracelet (I was going to put a link to the tutorial that I used but I can't for the life of me find it now)

Then from the plastic bottle I cut two strips to fit my wrist and put one inside the other for strength.  I found a bright pink Superdrug bag which I cut into a long strip and wrapped round and round like raffia.
I can put the crisp packet bracelet on top for a different look

I then made another bracelet out of the bottle, slightly wider.  I thought I would cover it in the same way, but with a crisp packet right side out so that just glimpses of the words and pictures showed.  That didn't work though because crisp packets aren't stretchy like plastic bags so it didn't lie flat.  I used another crisp packet inside out to cover it in one piece with the join on the outside and made another woven bracelet which I stuck on top.



  1. My goodness LBM you certainly are thinking outside the square.

    I love what you've done with the crisp packets, it's very effective........

    I'm wondering what you'll come up with next........
    The challenge is on

    Claire :}

  2. The art of re-cycling! Very ingenious, extremely effective.

  3. Very creative :) Good idea to recycle what you can ;) Have you been checking out Pinterest with all of its upcycle ideas? Thanks for commenting on my Scavenger Hunt post, and now all I can see is moustaches in the red wing blackbird photo...good eye! If you wish, you can drop back and meet Quigley!

  4. You are an absolute genius! I'd love to make something half as good! x

  5. I think it is great how you are combining your creativity and recycling. Thinking outside the square and working at it will see your ideas evolve and it's exciting to see where you will go next. I must admit to feeling a bit guilty when I look at my craft room and see how much money I have spent in the name of being creative and amusing myself.