Monday, 19 December 2011

Can't get you out of my head

Last week at choir, we sang 'While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night' to the tune of 'Ilkley Moor bah t'at'.  Apparently that was the original tune for While Shepherds Watched.  I've been singing it ever since, much to the disdain of the family.  Especially as I've got the word sheet with all six verses which I keep singing over and over, and let's just say I need other people singing with me to sound anything like!

I've found this on YouTube for your delight

It probably won't have the same effect on you if you're not from Yorkshire though!


  1. Brilliant!! trouble is being a Yorkshire lass I've sung Ilkley more so many times the I'm sure I would keep slipping into that :0)
    Works really well though ...keep singing !!
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Jacquie x

  2. LBM - I loved that tune - not heard it before, I played it twice.Wishing you and your family a happy peaceful Christmas

  3. I didn't realise that the tune was from Yorkshire!
    We sang that one year at a schools concert hall! I loved it, and have never heard it since!
    You go girl! I think it's great, and thanks for bringing back the memories :o)

    Have a great 'last week before Christmas' Georgia :O)
    Love Donna xx

  4. Beautiful rendition, but I don't know about those costumes! ;))

  5. I live in Wales and have done all my life but my Dad, who was also Welsh used to sing 'Ilkley Moor bah t'at' to me when I was a child and it's a song I really like.While Shepherds watched their flocks by night sounds really jolly to this tune and I think it should always be sung to it. Merry Christmas