Thursday, 29 December 2011

Picturesque way to work off the excesses

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
As usual I've had way too much to eat over Christmas, so yesterday my daughter and I took a train to Bridlington on the Yorkshire coast for a bit of exercise.
It's been unusually mild for the time of year and yesterday was lovely and sunny, although it did cloud over later.  
There weren't many people about at this end of the beach

A few star jumps used up some calories

There are benches all along this cliff top footpath which are dedicated to the memory of people who lived in Bridlington and those who loved to visit here, which I thought was a nice idea


  1. Beaches, like Bette Midler, are far and away better places in Winter! Cold winds, no people...

  2. What a beautiful place! And the sun is so low in the sky. Such a winter sun.

  3. I feel better already, beautiful, cold, empty spaces. Lovely!

  4. How wonderful to have views like that on your doorstep! x

  5. Haven't been to Brid. for years, but we also have a lovely coastline in Northumberland, beautiful and unspoilt i'll be making lots of uise of it over the next few weeks,

  6. I went to Bridlington a few years ago and loved it but it was mad busy with summer tourists so would like to go back when its quiet and have a good look around!