Saturday, 31 December 2011

December Photo Scavenger Hunt

This month, we had the task of taking 26 photos for a Christmas A-Z.  You can see other interpretations over at Postcards from the P P.  

Here are mine 

A is for  Advent Calendar

B is for Berries

C is for Christmas Cards

D is for Drum Decoration

E is for Evergreen

F is for Father Christmas

G is for Games
We love playing a few games on Christmas day

H is for Holly

I is for Ivy

J is for Jelly  
being added to a trifle

K is for the three Kings

L is for Lights
on a tree in the middle of a local pond

M is for chocolate Money

N is for Nuts

O is for chocolate Orange

P is for Partridge in a Pear tree
I've used a bit of artistic licence here as it's neither a partridge nor a pear tree,   and I suppose technically it's on the tree rather than in it; but hey, it's Christmas!

Q is for Quality Street
I forgot to take a photo on Christmas day, and by Boxing day the tin was empty 

R is for Robin

S is for Seven Swans a Swimming
A few more than seven but I think there are actually seven in the water.  These were on the Serpentine in Hyde Park last week

T is for Tinsel

U is for Unusual and Useful gift
A cute punk rock style washing up brush

V is for Very favourite Christmas card
I've had this card for years and bring it out every Christmas.  The picture is foil and when the card's tilted about, it alters the look of the scene.

W is for Wrapping paper

X is for Xmas kisses

Y is for Yule log
Z is for ...zzzzzz.....


  1. Oh you're good LBM! I haven't had the time lately to even think about photo scavenging. I particularly love your Holly and Yule log snaps. cheers Wendy

  2. Lovely photos! I like your favourite card and the 'punk' washing up brush. The Yule log looks tasty and I like your holly photo. Our Quality Street tin is empty too although there are a few of the sweets still left in a bowl on the coffee table:)

  3. Great photos.

    Quality Street all gone by Boxing Day!!!!

    Your favourite card is beautiful.

    We have a drum decoration on our tree too - not sure why I didn't use it for my D!!!!

  4. We are doing very well with our quality street this time and still have loads left. I would have used 'needing a scavenger photo' as an excuse to get another tin ;)

    The lights on the pond look lovely and I love your very favourite christmas card!

    Great photos, well done!

  5. Really enjoyed looking at your festive photos; I like your favorite card brought out each Christmas ~ and your seven swans a'swimming ~ your unusual punk brush will be handy! Looks like zzzz is all done in after a jolly Christmas ;)

  6. Great set of photos! I tried to find a yule log but had not luck. I had planned on making one but with everything else I had to do I had no time. I love your holly photo. Your advent calander is neat.

  7. Beautiful photos - you have really captured the essence of Christmas. Happy New Year, Pj x

  8. Aww I adore your Father Christmas... Did you knit him yourself? The Swan Swimming is genius, great shots throughout.
    Hope you had a great festive season

  9. Love your photography style, what a great round up post. Happy New Year!

  10. the swans are beautiful, they remind me of christmas as a child off to feed the swans with the leftover bread from christmas . great collection

  11. Happy New Year - looks like a lovely time was had by all - love the empty Quality Street tin - says it all!

    Sarah -x-