Friday, 16 December 2011

If you look hard enough...

I have to say that Winter is my least favourite season of the year and also seems to last way longer than any other.  So far though the weather hasn't been too bad round here, apart from the wind which has been relentless. 
It does seem a bit boring though when there isn't any frost or snow (not that I'm wishing for snow - I had enough of that last year) and I haven't been taking many photos because it all looks a bit drab.
Yesterday it was lovely and sunny though, and whilst out for my morning walk I managed to find some things to photograph.

A few crab apples left on a tree that really shone out in the sun

White Silver Birches against the blue sky

The field next to this footpath has a flock (or is that gaggle?) of geese in it, but some of them had got out

I never noticed until Pear Tree Log mentioned it, that trees have eyes.  I had a look round our little woodland and found these

and in a shaded corner I found a patch of frost after all, which really made these leaves stand out


  1. Gorgeous photos LBM - love those eyes! cheers Wendy

  2. Hey Georgia do you now feel you are being watched when you go walking?.....

    Lovely photos....I think each season has it's own particular beauty, sometimes we just have to look a little harder if it's not our favourite season. I'm a bit like that with Summer.....

    It's a nice day here blue sky but dark clouds brewing. No doubt we will get a storm at some stage and rain to follow.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  3. Lovely pictures - a blue sky always helps but you've taken them brilliantly x

  4. Very positive. Good girl, I like it.

  5. I will be looking out for trees with eyes from now on, I love those photo's
    Sophie x

  6. Love your tree 'eyes' georgia. I'm going to have a look for them!

    It's pretty drab round here too, and I even *feel* miserable and drab!
    Hope you've finished your shopping my lovely.

    have a fabulous Christmas and a very happy New year Georgia.
    Take care,
    Love Donna xx

  7. Those eye trees are rather scary but compelling all the same. Your skies are so blue, we aren't called the Black Country for nothing. x

  8. Hello Georgia!
    ..I don't know where exactly you live, but my friend in Essex was talkig about snow this morning..
    Enjoy your beautiful blue sky as much as you can!
    Michela x

  9. Wonderful photos. We have had some incredibly dramatic winter skies in the late afternoon - how I wish I had my camera with me some days!

  10. I think I can live with out last year's snow and frost. The winter sunshine is nice but the weather's definitely getting colder.

  11. Great scenery pictures -- there's still beauty out there, despite the fact that it's winter.

  12. Lovely tree eyes - delighted that you found some. I love the frosty leaves!