Thursday, 1 December 2011

November Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here are my entries for this month's photo scavenger hunt.  You can see more entries over on Postcards from the P.P.

A poppy
On Haxey War Memorial, which is in the next photo


The next three were all taken on Bonfire Night


Something that lights up

Something you have made
You've seen most of my makes, but this is from school

Polka dots

A staircase

Comfort food
(any) pudding and custard.  
When we were kid's my Mum used to make a plain cake in one of those rectangular enamel pie dishes, then spread the top with jam, slice it down the middle and flip one side on top of the other

Something purple
Surprisingly we've got five different purple flowers out in the garden at the moment, but this one photographed the best

A lucky charm
My first car was a Beetle so this is very special to me

A self portrait
I'm not keen on having my photo taken so I took a photo of a photo of me as a baby (so technically I have taken it this month!)


  1. These are all great. You were a cute little baby!

  2. Great photos! Are the items for polka dots bowls? Their cute.

  3. Clever girl! Nice portrait of yourself! What a cutie you were. Love your beetle...I've always wanted one!

  4. Lovely photos! Like the bonfire ones and pudding and custard is definitely comfort food. Good idea for the self portrait like you I don't like having my photo taken. Is Haxey the village where they have the 'Haxey Hood'?

  5. Mel, the polka dots are on measuring cups.

    Rosie, yes it is the same Haxey.

  6. Great photos - I especially like the bonfire night ones.

  7. Fab photos, love the bonfire night ones and the one of you as a baby! x

  8. Great photos - I never though of using my 'bonfire people' photo as a silhouette but I like it for yours!

  9. You were such a cute baby. I cheated on the self portrait too!

  10. Great Photos

    Just wanted to say a great big thank you and let you know I posted my pay it forward on my blog today, I am sorry I am so late in posting.

  11. Love your choices Georgia!
    Have a very good week!

  12. Hi, thanks for commenting over at my post.

    The little boot isn't from Monopoly, it's a lucky charm that my hubby gave me years ago, I used to have another, which I seem to have mislaid which I am sure was given to me by my brother - so I'm a bit upset I can't find it as he's no longer with us. I also have a rude one which I couldn't post and my hubby gave me that one too!

  13. Cheating on the self portrait! Not that I blame you I had to take hundreds just to get one that I didn't mind too much!
    Once again I'll be posting mine at the last minute!

  14. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, cake and custard. Can't be beaten.

    Your fireworks photo is fantastic! I still haven't worked out how to take unblurry ones yet.