Friday, 14 June 2013

Going full circle

A friend asked me a while ago if I could make him a shopper type bag for his dance shoes.  His favourite colour is red and I didn't have anything suitable as it's not a colour I'd choose myself, hence the delay.  
This is the same friend who gave me the bags of t-shirts and shirts, and low and behold there was a red shirt which was made from thick ribbed fabric which was ideal.

It was fastened with pearlised poppers, so I incorporated some into the front along with the breast pocket.  I also used the detail from the back of the shirt on the other side.

I lined it with a red and yellow check, adding a zipped pocket and a key fob.

So that's one of his shirts he's got back!

When I was shutting the hens up last night I noticed this fox in the field

something else to keep me out of the grass!


  1. Lol one it, I'm sure he will too! :) x

  2. That dancing bag is a triumph! x

  3. Another great shirt makeover Georgia....
    I hope that wily fox stayed away from your chickens.
    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :)

  4. Love the bag - what a brilliant job!
    I love foxes!
    Rose H

  5. What a wonderful looking bag, such a great idea.

  6. The bag is fantastic and a fabulous way to use a shirt. Mr Fox is obviously interested in your hens. Charge straight at him, that will give him a fright and hopefully he'll stay away.
    Anne xx

  7. I think Mr Fox wanted the bag - it would have made him the most dapper fox in town! Hope he stayed away and the chickens are safe x Jane

  8. Sneaky fox! Love the bag. :)