Sunday, 16 June 2013

So now we know....

We feed our semi feral cat, Spaghetti in an open fronted shed.  When I go to feed her in a morning there is always some food left in her bowl, so when it had been completely emptied for the last few days I suspected someone had been helping themselves to it.  I thought it might have been birds but I have been proved wrong.

My husband got me a wildlife camera for Christmas last year, so I set it up in the shed and discovered the culprit(s)

There were actually two hedgehogs, but I forgot to put the video on of them both together and it's on another computer. 
But not only hedgehogs but also a mouse (keep watching because it comes back again)

Spaghetti was probably off hunting while her food was being stolen!

If you like these videos, I've also got some of a rat that got into the hen shed in winter.


  1. those hedgehogs are so cute! i want one! but my cat eats on the stairs, so maybe not....!

  2. Gosh, how interesting.....think I might need a little camera! :) x

  3. What a great idea having a wildlife camera - I would really love one of those.

    BTW, did you watch those programmes on BBC which tracked cats around a village? Interesting, hilarious and very very cute!


  4. Hello Little Blue Mouse :o)
    Oh how delightful, such a joy to see the hedgehogs and encourage as they are tettering on the edge of extinction in the UK. As you probably know we are lucky enough have a very healthy hedgehog population here that I feed each night.
    So, I hope you don't mind me mentioning it as these dear little critters will come to rely on you supplementing their diet. Hedgehogs will most certainly eat (and relish) cat food, but only meat varieties please as eating any with fish regularly can cause them to have brittle bones.
    (If you want to leave them a dish of their own I can advise you what they really love.)
    Hope you can continue to enjoy them :o)
    What sort of wildlife camera have you got, and how are you getting on with it? I'm seriously looking into buying one and would appreciate any advise.
    Thank you and best wishes
    Rose H

  5. Those video's are so fascinating. Our two cats are 'farm' cats and live outside and sleep in the polytunnel - I feed them in there too. A couple of days ago I forgot to take the box of cat food in and left it tied up in a plastic carrier. The following morning when I came to feed them, something had bitten through the plastic and the cardboard and scattered half the biscuits on the floor. I'm sure the cats wouldn't have done it because they never seem that hungry and much prefer the pouches of meat anyway. Your wild life camera must be super for taking those pictures - what a lovely present.

  6. Oh wow, that was so good to watch, lil rascals eating Spaghetti's food! Please share more :) xx

  7. That's just brilliant! I used to have a prickly visitor who loved a spot of cat food, too. xxx

  8. How sweet! I have always loved hedgehogs. Alas, we don't have them in Alaska - we do have their much larger cousins, porcupines, which are also very sweet, but dangerous to dogs and cats.

  9. These videos were so cool! I love hedgehogs. WIsh we had them here... :)

  10. I like how he stood on tippy toes to get the food and then decided he would get right into the bowl. Hedgies are so cute....whereas mice/rats yuk!