Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Snake in the grass

The easiest way for me to get onto the public footpaths around here, is to go across our fields at the back of the house.  This is great for the most part, but  at this time of year when the grass is getting long like this

and ready to be cut for hay, there are two reasons why I pick another route.
One is that even on a dry day but it has been raining the day before, or there is dew about, walking through the arching wet grass is like going through a car wash.  Then anyone I meet on the dry footpath must wonder why I'm wet through!
The other reason, is that I'm scared there may be some kind of wildlife lurking in the grass.  Up until today I was thinking along the lines of frogs (for jumping out unexpectedly) or treading on something that was alive like an hedgehog or indeed a frog.  Ugh, I shuddered just thinking about it!

But now I've got something else to think about, because today my husband found this shedded snake skin in the field 

I don't know what kind of snake it's from but it's a lovely thing, it even has eyes

I'm definitely not walking through there until the grass has been cut!


  1. Make a noise, snakes are more afraid of you and will all avoid trouble if they can.
    (I'd love to find a shed snake skin!)
    Rose H

  2. I just never imagined you having snakes. A bit naive I guess, but yeah, I wouldn't go in the tall grass again till it was cut. Nice skin shed, fascinating, especially when it is whole and total.

  3. Hehe, my first thought was snakes........
    Wonderful snake skin specimen.
    We have found 2 or 3 over the years in our house yard and they've been from brown snakes (poisonous).
    No. 1 likes to keep them on his bedside table!!
    Not quite my style of decorating, but, each to their own.
    Think I'd carry a big stick to swish the grass aside and make a bit of noise........:)

  4. Nice to look at but crawling with bugs.

  5. The snakeskin is a thing of beauty! x

  6. Wow, very impressive that you found a whole snakeskin!

    I just got your comment about the dress, that pattern is Simplicity 2444, it's one I've made several times now and has various options for collar, sleeves, etc. :)

  7. No one likes meeting up with snakes unexpectedly but they generally are more frightened of humans than we think. We have quite a few poisonous snakes in Australia as you probably know and I grew up always having to be careful where I walked on the farm. Let's hope that grass gets cut soon so you can go for your walks across the field.
    Anne xx

  8. I wouldn't like to find the on my walk either.

  9. I wouldn't either, but I think that snake skin is amazing

  10. What a lovely snake skin, although I wouldn't want to stumble across it!

  11. What a great skin! Love those snakes. :)