Monday, 10 June 2013

Lead me not into temptation....

There are a lot of drainage ditches around the edges of fields in these parts, to stop the land from flooding, and the deep ones are used in summer for irrigation.
Here's a picture of a main one taken last year

The other day I walked down to the water's edge 
that looks like a shadow from a tree at the front, but it's actually thousands of tadpoles.  You'll have to click to enlarge these photos because the reflection on the water is making it hard to see, but all that mass of grey is tadpoles.

I'll have to go back and see how many make it to frogs.

But I digress, back to the title..... a local farmer has laid an extremely long bit of pipework from a large drain on part of his land, along the edges of fields and footpaths to another of his fields where he is growing carrots ready for when they need watering.    

Some of the pipework is in sections that very niftily clip together with these
Just look how easy that looks to unclip?     My fingers are itching to test it and there's so many of them tempting me.  
I have to keep telling myself to keep on walking! 
Would you be the same or am I the only one to get this urge?

Those photos were a bit drab so here's a nice photo of some speedwell flowers

and some hawthorn with a pink tinge to the white blossom

These lovely cows reside at the side of a drain


  1. My goodness, a black cloud of tadploes, amazing! x

  2. I think it might cause a bit of a prob to get it back together again if the water started gushing out at a rate of knots, - a 'malteser moment' could be. Whoops. I haven't spotted any tadpoles this year - love your pictures.

  3. I'd be tempted to unclip it, too! Gorgeous photos! xxxx

  4. Think of all the noise those frogs would make.

  5. LOL- I bet you were a naughty little girl, weren't you? One time I unscrewed a lightbulb-stuck my finger in and turned on the switch. Hey- I never said I was Just think if you did that and water was rushing through it and you couldn't get it reclipped.....that would be just MY luck! xo Diana

  6. I found some pink tinged hawthorne the other too. I think it's quite rare? mainly white around here. it's lovely isn't it. Heather x

  7. Great photos, and yes I'd be tempted to unclip the hose!
    How wonderful to see all those tadpoles :o) I have frogs in my pond but never get any frog spawn..maybe the fish beat me to it every time?
    Rose H

  8. That is a LOT of tadpoles - and yes, I'd be tempted.. :)