Saturday, 29 June 2013

Red and yellow and pink and blue

I've been to see how those tadpoles were getting on, and saw that the poppies in amongst the oil seed rape are looking better than ever

The tadpole numbers have diminished quite a lot, but that's not surprising because there's fish, ducks and the odd swan or two sharing the same water

I didn't see any little froglets out of the water yet, but these ones have only a stub of a tail left so I don't think it will be long

Whereas these ones all seem to have longer tails

For years I've been planting foxgloves in our little woodland and they always get eaten by the rabbits, but this year two actually made it into flower.  Woohoo!

I just love this dark blue sky against the bright green field

And this lovely blue of delphiniums in my MIL's garden


  1. When I was little I had a bucket of frog spawn in the garden. I'd watch them grow, pop a little rock in there, so they could hop out when ready. They would start to diminish and I thought they were going to a new life in next doors pond. Years later Mum told me out dog used to eat them! :) x

  2. Lovely photos. Our tadpoles are way behind yours! Still wiggling in the pond! Xxx

  3. I love taddies (as we call tadpoles here in Australia) and we use to go looking for them in winter on the farm. Sadly the use of chemical sprays and a warmer climate (little rain) has seen their demise somewhat, so it's absolutely lovely to see your photos. There are so many little froglets in your photos, so cute.
    Rabbits eating foxgloves?! Digitalis is deadly so they must be super bunnies to survive. Very glad you have two flowering this year though, they are such gorgeous flowers and the bees love them. I've spent some fascination moments watching them go in and out of those bell shape blossom happily going about their business. It's one of the joys of spring and summer watching bees on flowers. Enjoy your Sunday.
    Anne xx

  4. Great pictures. I remember how excited my brother and I would get when all the tadpoles hatched in the little pond below our house and how anxiously we would wait for them to turn into baby frogs. What a fun post here- xo Diana

  5. Love your pictures.. those little tadpole-cum-frogs are fascinating. Foxgloves are some of my favourites - I've got an alba one in my garden too.

  6. Hey Georgia, love the Poppies in amongst the Oil Seed Rape looks very pretty.
    Glad you finally got to see some of your Foxgloves flower. They are lovely plants........
    Nice stormy sky pic too. I haven't seen tadpoles for years, those little froglets are so cute.
    IHave been going out at night to look at the stars and there's always a chorus of frogs and crickets
    taking place.

    Claire :)

  7. The poppies are just gorgeous! What do you call a group of frogs, a croak? totally amazing photos of them! x

  8. Great pictures - I'd never seen pictures of frogs emerging - probably never saw it in person either. I thought wild critters wouldn't eat foxglove - I know the deer avoid it - and anything it is planted near.

  9. I love tadpoles, ours are still developing in our pond. xxx

  10. Lovely photos. These frogs remind me of my childhood - days of playing around the local pond and waiting for the emergence of the new frogs.
    Patricia x