Friday, 1 July 2011

June Photo Scavenger Hunt

When I first saw the list for this month I thought "that one's easy, that one's easy" but then ended up rushing round at the end trying to get them all!

A childhood memory
A Golly badge from Robertson's jam, the kid's club of a TV listings magazine badge and Bunty comic badge.  I used to have a shoe box where I kept my cut out dolls from the back page of Bunty, along with the paper clothes that you put on them with fold over tabs.  I played for hours with those.

The view right outside your door

Something with your town's name on it
This is not my nearest town, but it is my postal town, even though it's in a different county!

A wheel trim



Architectural detail

Something beginning with z...

A farm animal

I wasn't looking forward to this subject because I'd tried taking a street light at night for May's hunt and it was rubbish.  I'd put it off, then last night my husband asked me if I'd seen the sunset and I took this out of the bedroom window.  

An elephant
No there's not one hiding in there somewhere.  This is Bergenia Cordifolia or Elephant Ears, so just part of an elephant.
I thought I had a brass elephant I could use for this but I've looked all over and can't find it anywhere and then left it too late to get anything else.

Nearly as bad as not being able to find something is having too many options. The next one I took loads of photos for and I eventually narrowed it down to three but couldn't decide so I'm showing them all

Tree branches

You can find other entries for the scavenger hunt at Postcards from the P.P. plus the list for July if you fancy joining in.


  1. I got off to a flying start at the beginning of June but with 2 days to go had several pictures still to go. Your cheese on toast looks very yummy!

  2. Fantastic photos. I especially like the night time one. Just gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  3. Love the photos - like the night time one and the view from your door. I used to collect golly badges too! I couldn't decide on the tree branches either, they are all super:)

  4. Love your Photos :0)
    I have a couple of gollys somewhere and the elephants ears are great.
    I'm so jelous of your wheel trim ( now that's a sentence I never thought I would write !)I longed to find one like that all month.
    Jacquie x

  5. That cheese on toast is making me hungry! x

  6. Glad it isn't just me that leaves it to the last minute! My cutlery shot is appalling, but I was determined to get a motorway sign with the knife and fork sign for services. I did - but at 60mph and very blurred!
    I think elephants ears are inspired by comparison!

  7. Fabulous photos! I love the view outside your door!!

  8. Wonderful photos...and I'd have posted all three of those "branches" examples, too! Your entry for "elephant" is clever. And the that would remind me of my childhood. It was my mother's favorite quick breakfast/lunch/snack when I was a child!

  9. Lovely Photos
    I liked the night shot, as soon as I saw the plant I thought elephant ears, even before I read it. Your cheese toast looks yum!! I also liked your wheel cover photo.

  10. Great photos. I now want to eat Cheese and toast, yours looks so delish.
    Lisa x

  11. That cheese on toast looks delicious! The night photo is just beautiful too.

    I started off thinking that the June list was going to be quite difficult as nothing immediately sprang to mind but it got easier once I was out and about with the camera. Here's hoping July is the same.

  12. I am intrigued...where exactly do you live mouse?

  13. Thanks for the comment over at my blog about Darling Debbie - perhaps she's not quite such a darling eh!!!! Bit of a dark horse more like! No knickers!!!!!!

  14. Awesome, AWESOME images! Love the view outside your door! Look at that sky! It cooperated for you quite nicely! And that cheese toast...yummmmmmm! Night is beyond gorgeous! Wheel unique - clever you! Architectural detail...whatta find! And elephant...tee hee hee...awesome interpretation! BTW, thanks for your comment on my images...I appreciate your visit! Annette

  15. I haven't been so brave to join in so far!
    Well done you!

  16. Love the photos. That cheese on toast has made me rather peckish :o)

  17. Great set of photos. Good thinking for the elephant. I often find it hard to choose - I've just done a 'scavenger rejects' post so I could share some that didn't make my scavenger post!!

  18. Thanks for your kind comment! I'm full of nostalgia now for Bunty, which made us all what we are. We're all plucky, right? And I used to love my paper dolls with tabbed clothing, which no longer seem to exist.

  19. I don't believe I've seen an elephant ears plant before. Yours looks very healthy and happy:)What color are the blossoms?

  20. I missed your last post (no internet) too!

    I love your patchwork bag! It looks amazing, inside and out :o)
    And thankyou for those recipes, your food looked scrummy!

    Your badges are so cute, and you've still got them!

    Your old Singer is five years older than mine..mine is 1891. So maybe they introduced the engraved piece on newer models?

    They are gorgeous though aren't they? It's a shame your one doesn't work at the moment though, do you know why?
    My daughter had a great day today too :o)

    Have a lovely week Georgia. xx

  21. wonderful pictures - I liked the wheel trim and the one for 'z'.
    I must have a go at this for July!
    Jones x

  22. I used to collect the vouchers for the golly badges! A lovely collection of photos.

    Pomona x

  23. Lovely photos, oh you have made me hungry cheese on toast yummy. ~x~

  24. Nice badges. During the 60's and early 70 I remember my sister also playing with those Bunty cut-outs. They also read Judy and Mandy as well.

    Never heard of the Tivvy Club - was that run by a local newspaper?