Saturday, 23 July 2011

Raising the alarm

The other week we had an unknown ginger cat pay us a visit.

The first one to notice it's presence was this robin (turn your volume up for the full effect)

Then our cat and the hens saw it (you can still hear the robin in the background)

Notice how the hens are obviously disturbed by it, but go towards it rather than run away.  I don't know if they think it's a fox or know it's a cat but these two have been attacked by a fox before, so you'd think they'd be a bit more cautious wouldn't you?
It hung around for quite a while, but I had to go away because the racket was too much!

Spaghetti (our cat) wasn't too interested in it at all


  1. Why is it always the ginger cats that are rascals? We had a ginger that was always getting into scrapes, and usually the wrong end of them! As you said Spaghetti is totally unconcerned. Hens are SO funny - wish I could have some...but I don't think they'll let any old cat get the better of them.
    Maybe, Spaghetti and the mystery cat will become friends just like our ginger and next doors cat did. They even used to call round each others houses for each other and then toddle off to get into goodness knows what michief together. When we lost dear little Sam next doors cat mourned for him for weeks. Fingers crossed the ginger puss won't cause too much trouble....

  2. Hey Georgia, those videos are just lovely............

    Mister Robin is certainly kicking up a fuss, he's obviously not very happy.

    Our Robins disappear during Summer, they head back up to cooler climes and I've never heard a peep out of them.

    Chickens are rather curious creatures, Mr. Puss doesn't look too sure about what they're up too........... Out Tigger is always a little wary when they chooks are out, they can be quite noisy and they're bigger than him.

    Hope you get some warmer weather in the coming week,

    Claire :}

  3. You new hens are lovely, and I love the fact that they are walking towards the intruder cat shouting at full volume! My hens will take on our cat, especially if food is involved! Your garden is looking amazing at the moment, I love to see so many different colour flowers. I am afraid the weeds have rather overtaken here, though my gardener freind is on her way round next week to lend a hand! I love your little girls dress from a previous post, its gorgeous! If you ever consider selling any in your folksy shop, I would love one or two! Have a lovely weekend, Liz x

  4. love the clips, so funny. i am sure the ginger cat just wanted to be friends.........! x

  5. I loved those videos. Fair play to Ginger - he was standing his ground! He looks very well cared for so must belong to one of your neighbours.

  6. My old flock chased off the neighbours 3 cats no bother to them! Didn't survive the fox. Your video is fabulous love your flock.

  7. Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment about the washing line! Now as for your robin,he is my favourite garden bird~heaven! so impressed you captured him in full flow!

    Sarah x

  8. I always say that ginger cats are the most naughty of all moggiedom, you've just proved my point. x

  9. I'm owned by a ginger cat and I must stick up for him - he's not at all naughty! He's a giant softy really.

    The mystery cat looks really sweet. Spaghetti should be friends with him. They'd make a lovely pair.

  10. I had two hens who used to hover by the back door, and peck aggressively at the two terriers if they so much as put their noses outside!

    Pomona x

  11. Ha ha! Spaghetti, what a cool name for a cat!
    Have you finally got some sunshine since last time you visited me?! I really hope so!

  12. WOw, it was very interesting to hear the robin. I didn't know they made a sound like that! And the chickens were pretty funny, going towards the cat. Not the brightest lights, are they?

  13. I think it's great you have a cat named Spaghetti! Believe it or not I had a cat with the same name, never thought I'd hear of another cat named Spaghetti!