Thursday, 7 July 2011

Round and round the garden

First of all I'd like to say a big hello and thank you to my new readers and
followers, I'm most honoured by your presence!

The other day I was looking at a blog with loads of photos of flowers in their garden and I commented that I wished I had so many in mine.  
Later on I was thinking about it, and thought I'd go round my garden and see just how many different flowers there were, and do you know what?  I had even more, but when they're spread around the garden they don't look as many.

Pink Lychnis (campion)                         

Lily with unopened Echinops behind

Lady's Mantle






Californian Poppy and feverfew


Lamb's ears




Love in a mist

Night scented stock



White campion, geranium and yellow corydalis


Buddleia (this bee gets around)


The bee on this echinops was dusted all over in pollen


Pincushion flower


Marigold and Feverfew

Water lily (sorry about the net over it)


  1. Yowsers, what a wonderful, colourful, delightful variety.

    Love the poppies, the echinops with the bee and the Pincushion (childhood variety).

    You certainly have a garden full of lovely blooms...........I'm inspired to put a few more in mine for summer.

    I just seem to have shrubs with a handful of Roses and not much else, but no doubt the drought here saw the end of quite a few plants over the last ten years.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  2. Its truly amazing what the camera can find isn't it - lovely pics.

  3. Not many flowers in your garden, then!! A lot of mine are past their best now, but yours look great.

    Pomona x

  4. wow, what lovely flowers, great piccies.x

  5. That's loads! Now I'm jealous!!!

    Just starting a garden from scratch here, I might just photograph my small complete border just to make myself feel better!!

  6. That's a LOT of flowers! I'm very impressed by the fact you know the names of them all. My horticultural knowledge is sorely lacking - I tend to just make up names for the plants I don't know. We have a border full of "sunshine daisies"...

    Re the blog thing today, it's all due to Blogger/my computer going a bit mad. I was putting the final touches to the untitled draft post and clicked to scroll down a bit to check something. It went all funny and assumed I'd click on publish, so made it a live post. I cursed heartily, hastily copied and pasted it, finished it up, posted it properly and then deleted the rogue version. It's done this once or twice before and the initial version is time stamped to show up at the time the draft was started rather than when it's published, so it doesn't go in the right place in blog reader timelines (if that makes sense?) So the post will have shown up twice on blog readers but the first link won't have gone anywhere cos that version was deleted. If you tweak an already live post then I'm 99% sure a new notification doesn't come through.

  7. Thats a lot of flowers, looks absolutely beautiful,wish my fingers were as green :)
    Karen x

  8. Your flowers are GORGEOUS! Love the sempervivum. I keep buying buddleias and they keep dying. They are supposed to be able to overwinter here but I suspect they don't like the climate.

  9. Hey LBM.

    The bees will love you for planting all those wonderful flowers...

    ...white wellies? Well, I've got to 'look' the part haven't I? (even if I do look stupid).

  10. Apart from being very beautiful to look at, this post is brilliant for me, I never know the names of any flowers, but I know what I'm looking for now Thankyou :)
    ps the caterpillars are for the boys, they want to grow some into butterflies in the school hols !?!? will let you know how that one goes :)

  11. Wow your garden must be HUGE! The pictures are stunning, what a huge variety of plants you have

  12. Just beautiful flowers and photos!! You have quite the garden!

  13. the garden looks great, loads of flowers!

  14. I love the photographs of your flowers
    especially the poppies
    they are fantastic.