Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New hens

We've got a new hen and cockerel to keep Bree and Octavia company.

This is Olive

My daughter got them from her friend's brother who has lots of different breeds.  Olive looks like a Black Rock but she is very small so she must have some bantam in her as well.
The cockerel is a bantam, and so he is small as well.  He's not as handsome as Lotto was, in fact he looks quite comical with his small head and comb.  He also looks as if he is wearing a hand-me-down jumper with the sleeves too long, because his wings hang down.  He always has some feathers stuck up at the back of his head which nearly got him the name of Alfalfa, but he ended up being called Wilfred.

They're all getting along nicely together.


  1. Oh, they're really lovely! Olive is such a pretty hen, and Wilfred suits the cockerel very well :o) You're lucky they're getting on so well.
    We had a bantam cockerel almost the same colours when I was small, his name was Goldie. Happy days!
    Enjoy the rest of the week...
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Handsome cockerel! The hen is quite a looker, too. You`re so lucky to have the space for them. I live in a council house, and keeping lifestock is not permitted. I miss the freshly layed eggs I used to have in my childhood.

  3. I do love your chicken posts! What a beautiful bunch. x

  4. Oh, I wish I had a garden bigger than a postage stamp!
    When I am a proper grown -up i shall have a ginormous garden and in the middle, there will be chooks.
    And pigs.
    And ducks.
    And a goat called Charley.

  5. Love your chookie pictures

  6. Beautiful, beautiful chooks with your latest editions being very handsome. Lucky things with all the lovely grass to devour.
    Anne xx

  7. Oh they are glorious! And look at all that lovely grass, it makes me want to get out there and have a try!

  8. I have Black Rocks and they look very much like Olive but not small!

  9. You give them the best names :)

  10. I think Wifred is the most gorgeous colours! He's a very handsome bird :o)

    And just look at Olives lovely feathers :o)

    I love the name Wifred, and I think it suits him.

    So pleased you got some new birds :o)

    Take care Georgia.

  11. I love that hen and no flock is complete without a man...even a little man with poor fashion sense.

  12. They are lovely - you could frame that last photo and hang it in your kitchen xx

  13. Your birds are wonderful! I wish zoning in my village would allow me to have a few hens....But it's a no go here. I do, however, buy fresh chicken at our local farmer's market and of course -- fresh eggs. You captured some great images.

  14. Wonderful photos of the new family members! A handsome lot!