Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pocket sized makeover

When I was a kid, we had to change out of our school clothes into playing out clothes when we got home.  This of course was to keep them clean and more importantly undamaged, depending on what games we played.
I've always called clothes that are specially for dirty jobs, my (and everyone else's in the family) playing out clothes.  It amuses me to be playing rather than working.
Anyway, I got my husband a playing out shirt from the charity shop.  It had long sleeves and he wanted short, so I shortened them and made a pocket with some of the spare fabric.  I thought I would discreetly add some applique to the pocket by using the same fabric but at a different angle.

Now I'm wondering if it's not discreet enough.
What do you think, will he even notice if I don't point it out or will he think it's too girly or even childish?
Although it's not like he'll be seen in public in it, and it'll probably soon be stained.

Here's a couple more flowers that are out at the moment in my garden

                           Hemerocallis (day lily)

I noticed the other day that the Hostas are unusually hole free, but we have got quite a few frogs and toads now that must be keeping the mollusc population down.

The damage on the next one was caused be over enthusiastic weeding rather than snails!


  1. That shirt is brilliant, I love it and I'm sure Mr LBM will do, too. My hostas are as holey as ever, my tadpoles are taking forever to mature, I wish they'd get a move on. x

  2. your shirt looks fab, its not girlie at all.xx

  3. Neat! I love the birdie pocket - think I might wear it myself over a T shirt!

  4. Oh your little birdy applique looks very effective. What agreat way to personalise a 'new' shirt.

    When we were kids we would change out of our school uniform into our 'hoe clothes' and I still refer to 'home clothes' today some .....years later!!

    Claire :}

  5. Cute little bird. Hopefully your husband will find it amusing

  6. Molly and Catherine, that's not what I was hoping to hear! I daren't show him yet, I've just put it in his wardrobe. If he says something when he gets it out I'm going to make out it was always there and why didn't he say something when I first showed him. ;)

  7. That`s a fab shirt! The flowers aren`t bad, either.

  8. It's great! Very subtle and I bet he doesn't notice. :)