Monday, 25 July 2011

Short lived

Yesterday we actually had blue skies and sunshine; it was like Summer once more!  But it was short lived and today is cloudy again.
These orange flowers brighten the garden up though

 These are both crocosmias but the second one is much taller and a deeper orange

These marigolds self seed each year and flower all summer long

I've been making another patchwork bag in a slightly different style to the other one.  This time I've gone for a normal shaped bag and used the semi circle part as a flap.  It's got a red lining which feels more luxurious. 


  1. The reds and oranges are stunning aren't they. It seems a bit like Autumn's come way too early this year. I love all your crafty little makes LBM. The bag looks really nice. I don't do much sewing now - I used to when my daughter was little.

  2. We have had grey skies again all day. Yet it was beautiful yesterday! It does feel autumnal but I am comforting myself with a little dream of an Indian summer late September time! Lovely bag, I do love those fabrics!

  3. Gorgeous bag! The lining makes it that touch extra special.

  4. What gorgeous photos and such beautiful colours LBM. I am in total envy of anyone who can sew - your new bag is just lovely.
    I've just been reading some of your older posts and I wish that I had stumbled across your blog earlier. Interesting to see you do the scavenger hunt - I've nearly got all my photos ready for my 1st one in July! cheers Wendy

  5. Oh the colours in those Cocrosmias are wonderful, love the shades of orange.

    Marigolds are so hardy and always add a splash of colour to the garden.
    Reading this makes me start thinking about Summer and what I want to grow. May turn part of the vegie garden into my cutting garden.

    Fab bag, you're right the colour of the lining does give it a touch of luxury.

    Hope you get a bit more Summer weather before the onset of Autumn.

    Claire :}

  6. You have marigolds that self sew?!!! Wow, lucky you. They are such a cheery flower.
    Your bag is lovely. Clever you! :)
    Have a wonderful day,
    Anne xx

  7. We have the same orange plant in our garden it is so lovely seeing the bright colours on a dull day! your bag is sweet, love the fabrics.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. It's been fabulous here since Sunday and long may it last!
    I adore Crocosmias, they seem to grow in abundance in our garden and remind me of lush tropical gardens I've spent time in abroad.
    Your bag is beautiful. x

  9. Thank you so much for the flower info! You are right, just looked it up, it's Coreopsis grandiflora Early Sunrise, bit of a mouthful! Thank you so much for your help!
    Love your pretty bag!
    Rachel x

  10. I LOVE crocosmia and have them in my garden, too. ANd the bag is lovely!

  11. We need to trade our sunny skies here in the States with your cloudy. Right now my flowers and garden veggies are being scorched by our 100+ degree weather.
    Your flowers look beautiful!

  12. whenever I see your pics it reminds how much I should do something with my jungle of a garden :)
    beautiful bag,so pretty
    hope the sun comes out to play this weekend :)
    x x x x x x